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Jun 12: 8While Henry Hub prices in the US are low, natural gas prices to commercial customers in the US are much higher.
-- Pipeline costs, last mile delivery and taxes add up a significant chunk to the basic cost, as it does in India.Click on Report for more.
-- Then again, is it possible to find use of gas in buildings?
-- The data from the US does not show encouraging results.
8Find out more on how new technology is reducing the cost of deepwater pipeline inspection cost
-- Even pinhole corrosions are now accurately identified
-- Access case histories of how new technology is bringing about radical change
-- If you are a business development agent or manager, you may want to look at representing some of these companies in India .Click on Report for more.
8The website carries here the latest technologies, equipments and services in the pipeline segment and how they are making it easier to handle fault detection, operations, laying and maintenance of pipelines.
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