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Jun 12: 8Now that GAIL is keen on bringing US LNG cargoes to India, it is time for Indian buyers to be familiar with US price and specification guidelines for US gas.Click on Report for more.
8RIL has become the world's second largest paraxylene producer in the world.Click on Report for more.
8The first generation of bio fuels did not take off in India but there is increasing excitement that the second generation of biofuels from agricultural residue can provide millions of tonnes of fuels. Click on Report for more.
8The central government has appointed points persons for the oil and gas industry to examine representations from the oil & gas industry on the impending GST rollout. Get their names here.Click on Report for more.
8Gazprom is working hard to cater to the gas markets in China and Asia Pacific. Find out more here.Click on Report.
8There as an India pipeline summit coming up soon in New Delhi, find out more.
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