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Deep Industries faces blacklisting: Company issues a press release on our story
Jun 09: Deep Industries has issued a press release on a story published by this website on the possibility of a blacklisting of the company on account of the submission of what is alleged to be misleading documentation while winning a couple of ONGC contracts.
8"In connection with various queries we are receiving from financial community with regard with the news item "Deep Industries in toruble-I: Move to blacklist company and Deep Industries in trouble-II: Tug of war on" appearing on website www.indianptroplus, the company would like to clarify as follows:
8"The company has received a show cause notice from ONGC pertaining to certain allegations made in respect of ongoing contracts. The company sought various documents from ONGC based on which allegations are made. ONGC's response is awaited on the same".
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