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Gujarat Petronet LNG: Short term prospects are not too bright
Jun 09: What is the latest status on Gujarat State Petronet Ltd?
8In the one to two year perspective, the outlook is not too bright.
8There was a temporary slip up in RasGas supplies and this has lead to a volume drop recently.
8Then again, RIL's commissioning of its Petcoke gasification project will mean a decline in long term volumes.
8But there will be volume gains from the start of the Swan Energy's proposed LNG terminal in Jafrabad as and when that happens. It is learnt that 50% of that LNG's capacity has already been booked.
8GSPL's 25% stake in Gujarat Gas, a CGD company, will also see traction as there is a boom in the CGD industry
8Tariff hikes are expected too on GSPL's pipeline network soon of around 15%
8Beyond 2020, secular increase in volumes and tariffs are likely to push growth
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