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Jun 06: 8Reliance Gas has for the first time launched LPG in Composite Cylinders of 10 kg and 5 kg capacity in Pune. The trend towards composite cylinders is now gaining ground and there could be a business opportunity here.Click on Report for more.
8Mega tanker deals have been grabbing the headlines recently. The Trafigura Group announced this week announced that they will order up to 32 new crude oil and product tankers at Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and New Times Shipbuilding (NTS) in China with a potential value in excess of $1.35 Billion. The second major deal involved Teekay Tankers who will take over fleet of ten Suezmaxes, six Aframaxes and two LR 2 product tankers from its sister company in an "all-share" transaction. Click on Report for more.
Price build-up matrix for kerosene.Click on Report for more.
8Latest prices of the Indian basket for crude and under recoveries.Click on Report for more.
8Advisory from the ministry of urban development on laying of gas pipelines.Click on Report for more.
8Latest HOEC update on the Phase 1 of Dirok Gas Development project. Click on Report for more.
8The CGD sector has benefited in a significant manner from the government’s decision to prioritise the allocation of domestic natural gas for CNG and domestic PNG customers. This has enabled Mahanagar Gas Ltd  to access cheaper gas for CNG and domestic business segments, constituting 86% of total sales volume. MGL’s strong gas pipeline infrastructure and expanding operations in Mumbai, its adjoining areas and Raigad district will enable the company to capture the benefits of the large and growing market given the low penetration.
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