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LNG data: Part-II
Jun 05: Nominal liquefaction capacity by status and region as on March, 2017
8Local liquefaction capacity build-out, 1990-2022
8Number of trains commissioned vs. average train capacity, 1964-2022
8Nominal liquefaction capacity by country, 2016-2022
8Nominal liquefaction capacity and utilization by country, 2016
8Liquefaction capacity by type of process, 2016-22
8Unde construction and total proposd FLNG capacity by country in MTPA and share of total , as of March, 2017
8Global liquefaction plants, as of 2017
8Post-FID liquefaction capacity build-out, 2016-22
8Nominal liquefaction capacity by region in 2010, 2016 and likely in 2022
8Liquefaction capacity by region in 2010, 2016 and 2022
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