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Global LNG fleet: All relevant data
Jun 05: Global LNG fleet by year of delivery vs. average vessel size.
8Estimated future conventional vessel deliveries 2017-2022
8Existing fleet by containment type, 2017
8Existing and on order LNG fleet by propulsion type, 2017
8Active LNG global LNG fleet by capacity and age, 2017
8Propulsion type and associated characteristics
8Average LNG sport charter rates vs. vessel deliveries, 2012-2016
8Major LNG shipping routes, 2017
8Atlantic-Pacific Trade vs. total voyages per year, 2010-2016
8Estimated long term and spot charter rates vs new build orders, 2011-2017
8Firm conventional newbuild orders by quarter, 2011-2017
8LNG fleet owner-wise, 2017
8Average delivery and cost per cubic meter in ordered year by LNG carrier type 2006-2017
8Detailed LNG vessel order book position is carried here as well as a table of all active LNG vessels in terms of shipowner, builder, type, delivery year, capacity and propulsion type.
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