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LNG in India: Is there arbitrage potential?
Jun 05: The website also carries here answers to the following queries:
8Will the high Asian spot prices of winter 2016–2017 be sustained?
8Will there be more liquefaction FIDs despite loose market conditions?
8What trends could emerge for new LNG contracts?
8Will there be more LNG-related asset ownership changes?
8How will existing LNG contracts come under pressure in 2017?
8Can LNG in shipping bunkers be transformative for LNG demand?
8How will individual country (regional) dynamics impact the LNG balance?
Will price relationship shifts slow India’s spot import momentum?
8For the last two years, India has provided an important destination for spot cargoes and it is expected that this will continue into 2017 and 2018. Additional regasification capacity is coming up during the year. A key factor in India’s current  procurement will be the oil price and arbitrage potential between oil-indexed LNG contracts and spot volumes. If spot prices increase relative to oil, this could yield a much milder appetite for spot LNG.
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