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New usages for LNG-I: The cost dynamics of LNG tankers
Jun 02: For reference purposes, the website carries here a comprehensive cost benefit analysis of using trucks to ferry LNG.
8A lack of piping infrastructure has forced regasification companies to look at the trucking options seriously in India.
8A SWOT analysis of using LNG tanker trucks is given here.
8The analysis begins from the kind of optimal tank capacity – as it is the highest cost element in an LNG regasification terminal -- that should be set up if trucking is an important elmement of the RLNG distribution model.
8There is also the possibility of using tankers to deliver LNG as bunkering fuel.
8The technological constraints and challenges are discussed.
8The end use of LNG too, in terms of its usage as CNG is also investigated and an assumption is provided wherein entities with fleet strengths of 20 vehicles parked in a single place can build CNG stations supplied by LNG tankers.
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