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Oil to be priced at $15 in the future-IV: Intermittency problem with renewable energy to be resolved soon
May 31: The problem with renewal power has always been the fact that it is intermittent in nature. Solar power turns off at night and conventional coal or gas fired power must step in the plug the gap
 8But the intermittency concerns might also be surmounted in the foreseeable future. 
 8Lithium-ion battery costs continue to fall, and alternatives to lithium-ion (flow batteries, solid lithium) also look promising. 
 8McKinsey projects that stationary storage prices will be halved by 2020, at roughly $200/kWh.37 
 8Combined with demand-response policies, a more interconnected grid, and complementary natural gas plants, this could effectively eliminate the intermittency problem.Click on Report for more.


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