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May 31: 8The website carries here a full brief of  India-Russia cooperation over the years and how it is going to be in the future.Click on Report for more.
 8Monthly energy review in May, 2017.Click on Report for more.
 8Latest oil and gas prices and projected prices over the last one year.Click on Report for more.
 8European gas demand is likely fall over time and Russia is ikely to keep a vice like grip on the market. This may limit LNG inroads in Europe.Click on Report for more.
 8Proceedings of a Workshop on GST, in which the petroleum minister was present Click on Report for more.
 8Led by a urge to curb pollution and recent Supreme Court orders, the fortunes of Indraprastha Gas are slated to improve.Click on Report for more.
 8Andhra Pradesh now has a sister state relationship with gas rich Western Australia, find out more
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