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Shift to 0.5% sulphur bunker fuel-II: Details of Indian infrastructure
May 30: For reference purposes, the website carries here the full details of the future prospects of the Indian bunker fuel industry.
8The prospects are highlighted in terms of rise in coastal shipping expansions as well is an increase in demand from international bunkering calls on Indian ports. There are approximately 27000 vessels calls anually in India and the growth rate will be around 7% anually, providing a huge opportunity for the Indian bunker fuel industry.
8Traffic growth in major ports are highlighted. Indian tonnage too is likely to see a massive increase. Non major ports will play a big role too
8The bunker fuel capacity of major ports are documented, as also the potential going up to 2020-21.
8Segment-wise demand and key segment players are highlighted as are major marine customers in India
8Market share of different Indian bunker fuel suppliers is tabulated.
8Major cargoes handled in different ports are documented as also new bunkering facilities recently launched in India.
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