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GAIL says it will use US LNG in Indian spot market: Will it work?
May 30: GAIL seems to exude increased confidence on prospects from its uncompetitive US LNG commitments (starting March 2018).
8Of 5.8MMT US LNG, the company has already contracted supply of 1.5MMT (~1MMT via time swaps, 0.5MMT deal with Shell) and will additionally replace 3.5MMT of current spot LNG supply with US LNG, the company management claims.
8But whether that will be cost competitive remains a big questions
8Also, GAIL seems enthused by the potential to cater to 3MMTPA demand from commissioning of 5 fertiliser plants—2 to be commissioned by end 2018 and 3 by 2020.
8For reference purposes, the website carries here the natural gas trading and transission margins of GAIL for ready reference
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