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Engineers India Ltd: Company on an upswing but questions remain
May 24: Engineers India Ltd (EIL) has been doing well of late. PAT is up and the return on networth is getting better.
8Importantly,  even though the LSTK segment has registered a lower turnover in 2016-17, its profit percentage is the same as the more dominant consultancy wing of the company.
8Its order book is swelling.
8The revival of the LSTK contract segment is good news, particularly when the bulk of its business comes from the oil and gas industry.
8he point to note however is that EIL is over depedependency of the consultancy segment on the oil and gas business, with orderscoming in mostly through the nomination route from the big public sector oil companies.
 95% of EIL’s LSTK contracts come from domestic companies.s
8Its attempts to diversify into other segments or to outside of the country has not yielded great results so far.
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