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Global tanker fleet: All you want to know about it
May 18: Arbitrage possibilities for global tanker fleets arise when there is a demand-supply imbalance.
8The website carries here geographical area wise product-supply balances going up to 2022 in terms of gasoil, gasoline, naphtha and fuel oil.
8For reference purposes, the website also carries here the net product tanker net fleet, age profile, and historical scrapping rates along with tanker order book schedule as of now.
8Asia is clearly the dominant user of VLCC vessels, a spatial map shows the distribution of volumes from Arabian Gulf and West Asia as also from South America
8Spot fixtures of late show a sharp rise in West-East fixtures and a comparable decline in East-West fixtures
8There is also a VLCC orderbook vs. age profile comparision and it shows VLCCs on order are less than the number of ships needed to replace existing VLCCs of 17 years of age or older.
8Orderbook non deliveries for VLCCs have averaged 35% since 2010.
8A fully updated VLCC net fleet, age profile and historical scrapping data is documented here
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