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The mobility revolution: Can OMCs fit in somewhere?
May 17: Clearly, the gigantic mobility revolution that the Indian government is talking about is spurring global interest in India.
8Electrons are the new transportation fuel, the thinking in the government seems to indicate.
8India has given out strong signals to the global community that it wants to become an electric vechicle and battery manufacturing hub. The response is not known yet
8Several large international consultants are now in business trying to sell the concept of how India is going to leap frog in this area and where stakeholders can buy in. Innovative solutions are spoken about to decongest Indian cities.
8EVs, for example, can be "batteries on wheels" and can take on the additional off peak loads from solar energy despatches if tariffs are made attractive.
8Bidirectional charging is the new concept propounded.
8Can Indian oil marketing companies with their large retail networks become bidirectional charging hubs on long distance routes?
8The Indian government is already talking of compulsory EVs for all new fleet or service vehicles.
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