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Disruptive technology at work-I: Stanford professor predicts a clean sweep by 2030
May 16: Stanford professor Tony Seba's sensational new book on disruptive technology claims that exponentially improving technologies such as solar, electric vehicles, and autonomous (self-driving) cars will disrupt and sweep away the energy and transportation industries as we know it.
8These are his dire projections for 2030:
 -- All new energy will be provided by solar or wind.
 -- All new mass-market vehicles will be electric.
 -- All of these vehicles will be autonomous (self-driving) or semi-autonomous.
 -- The car market will shrink by 80%.
 -- Gasoline will be obsolete. Nuclear is already obsolete. Natural Gas and Coal will be obsolete.
 -- Up to 80% of highways will not be needed.
 -- Up to 80% of parking spaces will not be needed.
 -- The concept of individual car ownership will be obsolete.
 -- The car Insurance industry will be disrupted. The taxi industry will be obsolete.
 For all oil and gas industry professionals in India, there is no option but to immediately place an order for the book.


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