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Disruptive technology at work-III: What is happening in India was unimaginable two years ago
May 16: Only two years ago it would have been unimaginable that the Indian government would consider an end to the construction of new coal-fired power plants.
8It was common understanding that the longstanding objective of providing electricity to a growing population could only be reached with coal.
8New policy parameters of the government now projects that despite the increasing electricity demand, no new coal-fired power plants, apart from those that are already under construction, would be needed after 2022 (Government of India 2016).
8Around 50,000 MW of  coal capacity is under construction
8What happened really happened?
8To satisfy the growing demand for electricity, the Indian government had planned large numbers of new coal-fired power plants. These plants take around ten years from initial planning to  realization. But in the last ten years the energy market has changed completely: the price of renewable energy from wind and solar has dropped drastically.
8Renewables are now cost-competitive and being built at a much faster rate than coal fired power plants.
8This rapid renewables deployment combined with slower than expected demand growth is expected to increasingly contribute to overcapacities in India’s electricity system.
8The way things are going India is now being seen as a global leader in energy change policies.
8Find out more on how this is happening, and how India may be well on its way to achieve the Paris commitments
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