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India wants to lead the global mobility revolution-I: Ambitious plans drawn up
May 15: Every oil company needs to read the government's extremely ambitious plan for an alternative mobility system based on electric cars
8What India wants to do is not follow but lead the global revolution in electric cars because of its pressing problems
8The government says, "An alternative mobility system—one unimaginable even a few years ago—is conceivable today."
8India wants to lead the world in what it calls the global mobility paradigm shift just as Africa did with mobile phone jumping the fixed phone revolution entirely
8Detailed scenarios in which Business as Usual and one where a mobility revolution is taken into account have been to built to drive home the point that urgent action needs to be taken at this point in time
8A two part change model is being drawn up that will allow India to reach the tipping point in the deployment of shared, electric, and connected mobility.
8A comprehensive national learning system is planned
8A transformed mobility system can deliver the same total mobility with fewer vehicle-km, reducing congestion and pollution
8The transformative scenario delivers the same access to mobility with 6 crore fewer vehicles
8A shared, electrified, and high-public transit future can reduce transportation energy requirements by 64%
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