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Indian LNG players not moving fast enough-IV: Need robust forecasting teams
May 11: How does a buyer handle the fast changing dynamics of the LNG market?
8The basic premise is that he will need to develop a robust contracting strategy
8What are the key principles involved in such a strategy?
8Forecasting has become an important part of the whole game and developing a team capable of delivering high quality forecasts has become essential.
8The temptation to over committing to purchases can be a problem
8While reloading is an option, it exposes the seller to certain risk, find out what they are.
8A bundle of contracts can help but this will need a sophistication of approach
8Then again, buyers are at risk of getting complacent, expecting an extended period of oversupply.
8Over the course of the last six months, the LNG supply demand outlook has changed to a more balanced view over the long-term, prompting a need for buyers to have better forecasting capabilities.
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