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May 11: 8Azerbaijan can become a dependable supplier of oil and gas in India and Indian companies have a strong presence in the country.It has a big role to play in the lies in the launching of International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC), which will connect Indian ports with Azerbaijan and Russia through Iran. Construction of INSTC is slated to finish in 2017,15 once completed; the 4,500 mile route will substantially reduce transport time between India and Azerbaijan.Click on Report for more.
8Progress has been slow in the TAPI pipeline over the years, but nevertheless, financiers are willing to fund it and several milestones have been covered.Click on Report for more.
8Donald Trump’s administration has been forced to become more pragmatic has also proved less dogmatic than feared. And find out more on why India will grow at 8% in 2018 and what is in store for the exchange rate in the next two years.Click on Report for more.
8Even though crude prices are going down brokerage houses are pushing a "buy" order on ONGC, find out more on why that is so.Click on Report for more.
8In the aftermath of the recent spike in pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden, the Directorate General of Shipping in India has issued an advisory to vessel owners to refrain from sailing in the troubled zone. The website carries here a full risk and threat assessment report in these area.Click on Report for more.
8Get a full report on JSW, a pipe suppliers to the Indian oil and gas industry
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