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Expanding the gas market: Not enough background work
May 05: It is not known whether gas suppliers like GAIL ever conduct a comprehensive economic modeling of the industrial clusters which they intend to target for substituting competing liquid fuels or coal with gas.
8So far, it has been ad-hoc customer-by-customer approach, which is just transactional in nature.
8Understanding the customer and its industrial environment is the first step towards gaining his confidence.
8The website carries here a full survey on the Indian tile industry, which is increasingly preferring gas over other fuels, based out Gujarat.
8India is the third largest producer and consumer of tiles in the world and consumption is growing rapidly.
8Morbi, a small industrial town near Rajkot, is home to more than 600 tile manufacturing units, and is also the second largest tile manufacturing cluster in the world. Furthermore, 100 more units are under construction at Morbi. Around 60% of tiles manufacturing in India happens at Morbi.
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