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Getting out of stagnation: ONGC says it has done it
May 03: Even though this website remains a little skeptical of the claims made by ONGC, the company itself seems to say that its gas production will grow at an annual rate of 10-15% over the next three years.
8ONGC expects Daman/C26 fields to add 4.5 mmscmd to production in FY18.
8S1 and Vashishta gas fields would add 1.5 mmscmd while WO16 would add 1.2mmscmd in FY18.
8IOR at the Bassein field is expected to add 3.9 mmscmd in FY19. In the longer run, Cluster-2 at KG DWN-98/2 would add a peak production of ~16 mmscmd.
8ONGC has also guided that oil production from nominated fields would increase. The WO16 field would add 3,800 bopd in FY18 while Vasai East is likely to add another 4,800 bopd.
8Ratna & R-series would add 3,000 bopd in FY19 along with 8,000 bopd from B127 and 5,000 bopd from Assam.
8Ratna & R-series would peak at 14,700 bopd in FY20. Production from Cluster-2 would commence in FY21, with peak expected at 77,000 bopd.
8The incremental oil output will counter the decline from its ageing oil fields
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