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Global warming-III: OPEC cuts will be temporary before the race to burn reserves heats up
Apr 28: For reference, the website carries here the most detailed analysis ever on how the world is going to look like in 2040 in terms of energy use, alternative energies, carbon capture and fossil fuel usage
8This is a document that no energy expert can afford to ignore and he must factor in all the facts contained in it while doing his scenario planning.
8From the Indian policy planners point of view, stock taking of how the future will change will now have to be taken more often than he ever did in the past.
8It is a clearly established fact that the world has more fossil fuel reserves than what can be expended under a two degree scenario and eventually this fact will get reflected in fossil fuel prices in the long run. OPEC's production cuts can only be a temporary band aid as the basic fact remains that those with large oil and gas reserves will need to run them down as quickly as possible before the demand for oil begins to fall.
8This fact will have to be factored in by ONGC and other Indian companies while looking at deploying funds in E&P exploration, particularly in finding deepwater reserves.
8The fact that viable direct and indirect carbon taxes can scale up to  $ 100 per tonne levels are now within the realm of possibility.
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