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Indian E&P engineering companies-III: Soaring ambitions on a weak base
Apr 27: The battle of wits among the consortium members in the two ONGC offshore projects has brought to light the fragility of some of Indian oil & gas engineering companies.
8Most of these companies have sprung up as ONGC began contracting out large Western Offshore tenders.
8But clearly, the engineering depth of the Indian companies are limited and even though they all thought they could leverage the low domestic cost of engineering talent to go big internationally, no one has really made the grade
8Entrepreneurs behind these companies lacked both vision and depth.
8But for a few odd projects in the Middle East, Indian companies have stayed put in India, looking at Indian jobs.
8Meanwhile Triune has been put on notice by ONGC and a review on whether it should stay on in the rolls of short listed companies with ONGC Offshore Engineering Services is currently on.
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