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Software updates
Apr 27: The best part of our project monitoring software is that it throws up a set of new parameters which were not available earlier. They include key contacts, with their telephone numbers.
8Importantly, we also provide the next RFQ date, probable NOA or tender release date, as well as start-up and commissioning dates. This is over and above a raw material requirement slate which is provided when a project is commissioned.
8The point to note is that our information is always forward looking, we project what is ahead.
Among the projects updated in our software today by our project monitoring engineers are:
8A 900 MT of LPG storage capacity coming up
8Two 600 MT LPG storage capacity coming up in another site
8Expansion of capacity at a bunkering facility
Up to three contact information is available for each of these projects. These leads can provide a significant boost to business development by a service or equipment supplier.
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