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Our E&P special-VIII: ONGC turns flexible to keep FPSO tender competitive
Apr 26: Well placed sources said that ONGC is trying to be as flexible as possible while trying to hire an FPSO for the KG-DWN-98/2 block
8The big difference this time is that the company is listening to service provider in pre-qualification meetings as well as in smaller workshops with them to even out the creases in the tender conditions
8The idea seems to be to keep the tender as competitive as possible
8For this reason alone it is allowing for relaxation in bidding conditions which the company would ordinarily not have allowed, well placed vendor sources told this website
8Find out more on how ONGC has been more flexible, allowing an SPV mechanism for the bidding purposes
8For once, ONGC is following global bidding formats in its desire to stick to its commitment to get first gas out by June, 2019.
8Yet old habits die hard and some vendors are finding a couple of conditionalities to be irritants.
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