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ONGC's $ 2 billion KG-DWN-98/2 project-I: What will it take to win the contract
Apr 24: How is ONGC's $ 2 billion tender for the integrated Sub Sea Production System (SPS) and Subsea Umbilical Riser and Flow (SURF) in the KG-DWN-98/2 project split up into its various components?
The combined tender is going to be made up of the following four components:
8Subsea Production System (SPS)
8Subsea Umbilical Riser and Flowline (SURF)
8Support for the SPS for the entire life of the field
8Rental tools needed for completion purposes
The website has pieced together the cost of these components.
8Bidders will have to stay as close as is possible to the internal estimates drawn up by ONGC with the help of its consultants
8The webiste carries here an estimate of what the pricing elements should be for the bidding consortium to be able to win the deal.
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