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Apr 24: 8Data on latest price of the Indian crude basket and under recoveries.Click on Report for more.
8Details of RIL's commercial production in the Sohagpur block.Click on Report for more.
8U.S. natural gas production is now on the rise and it is expected to be 0.8 BCF per day higher year-over-year in 2017. However, a tight U.S. natural gas market through 2018 should persist that should keep gas prices in the $3.25 to $3.75 per MMBtu range. Also find out more on how the second quarter of 2017 should set the stage for a strong rebound for upstream oil & gas companies and oilfield services firms.Click on Report on more.
8At their May 25, 2017 meeting OPEC will officially announce if they are going to extend their agreement to limit production. Saudi Arabia has already said they think the agreement should be extended, but the OPEC cartel members are not the “best of friends”, so the oil traders are being cautious.Click on Report for more.
8Even as the global analysis is that crude prices will go up, why are they falling?Click on Report for more.
8ONGC's last three year average finding & development cost of US$ 15.03/BOE, which is considered to be low among global E&P companies. ONGC also compares favourably against global independent E&P companies on the reserve life index (of 10.4 years as on March 31, 2016 based on proved developed reserves); full cycle costs (US$ 39.01/BOE in FY2016) and leverage parameters. These are strong protective factors in an industry that is characterised by depleting assets; significant technical challenges (in reserve replacement) and unpredictable prices. Click on Report for more.
8Make in India' to create new opportunities for energy and commodity sectors, despite challenges.Click on Report for more.
8Digital modes of transfer of money in the oil and gas retail sector and home delivery of petrol and diesel and similar on Report for more.
8IEA's preliminary global natural gas data for 2017
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