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FDI in India: Where do we actually stand?
Apr 24: India attracted the largest volume of greenfield capex Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the last two years
8In a prestigious global study carried here on this website, there is a steady rise in the FDI Confidence Index rankings for India over the past two years,
8The brand of India is overall a very positive one. Investors see it as a vast and diverse up-and-coming market. Importantly for the 21st-century global economy, investors also tend to see India as technologically advanced. These characteristics likely contribute to global investors’ view that India is a competitive and productive economy.
8However, the primary characteristic investors point to when describing India is chaotic.
8Find out how India ranks in terms of
-- Corruption
-- Being Chaotic
-- Inefficient
-- Unskilled
-- Old-fashioned
8The global survey found that India is not on top of the list when it comes to people more optimistic about it in 2017 than in 2016
8India is also down the ladder in the FDI Confidence Survey
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