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Gas lobby at work-V: Questions asked
Apr 20: The global university has come up with the conclusion that the following questions deserve more research when it comes to the Indian gas sector
8How should India reconcile various—often conflicting—interests within the Indian energy economy and develop an integrated national energy strategy over time?
8What role should natural gas play in India’s future energy mix, and what policy instruments could provide the most stable institutional framework for long-term future investments?
8What is the relative cost of coal vs. gas in power generation when fully accounting for the health and environmental externalities associated with coal burning?
8Based on experience in other parts of the world, what price reform trajectory should India follow to move toward a more market-based gas pricing regime?
8What role can liquefied natural gas play in the Indian energy mix, and how will a more integrated global gas market impact India?
8What role can differentiated electricity tariffs play in terms of energy conservation, and what would their impact be on the role of natural gas in electricity generation?
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