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Apr 20: 8For the oil and gas enthusiast with a long term view, the website carries here a very interesting reading on 21st Century Maritime Power-Politics in the Indian Ocean Region with Special Reference to the Bay of Bengal. Click on Reports for more
8Analysis: China seen moving swiftly to rein in oil blending frenzy.Click on Report for more.
8Laying of a 400 mm gas pipeline in Assam: Clarifications.Click on Report for more.
8Dhamra Port: Berthing and Tariff policies, A full report
8Maritime threats in the Indian ocean: A full Report
8Global Economic Conditions Survey Report
8Riding on high demand, Papua New Guinea LNG production surges 20% above nameplate capacity in January-March, 2017. The facility is a supplier of competitive LNG to India.Click on Report for more.
8Indian buying interest prompts European thermal coal reloads.Click on Report for more.
8Vietnam's Bach Ho crude likely to flood Asian secondary market.Click on Report for more.
8Crude oil prices: A volatility analysis.Click on Report for more.
8Global prospects and policies: A full report
8Global Crude oil price of Indian Basket was US$ 53.50 per bbl
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