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Our project monitoring software has begun throwing up results
Apr 19: Immodestly perhaps, we pride ourselves for developing what we regard as the best project monitoring software in the country. We felt the need for such a software because there are none in the country that provides dynamic and accurate forward looking information on the oil and gas industry in India.
8It took us a long to develop and perfect this unique software and a beta and limited version will be available very shortly for our subscribers to look at. We are fine tuning the advancements, but the software now catches hundreds of parameters surrounding a project.
8One of the key ingredient of the software is its ability to provide a future RFQ date along with validated key contacts and telephone numbers.
8Even as we perfect the software, we have trained a highly motivated and intensively trained group of mechanical engineers to begin filling up relevant market intelligence into the software. 
8We will be bringing out fresh and daily updates everyday in this website but hope to eventually graduate all our project related activity to our website, where our aim within the next two months is to feed you with dozens of daily feeds on future oil & gas project elated data.
 Following are the updates from the software today:
8An OMC is planning to expand its storage capacity of petroleum products from 83,785 KL to 1,16,185 KL by constructing a 1X20000 KL HSD, 2X6,000 KL ATF, 2X200 KL Biodiesel tanks and reallocation of an existing 2X2000 KL ATF to an ethanol tank. RFQs are expected soon. Click on Details for key contacts
8There is an augmentation of a pipeline to enhance the capacity of existing stations to transport upto 5MMTPA of petroleum products coming up. It includes replacement of 1 existing motor-driven Main Line Pumping Unit (MLPU) and the replacement of 2 existing mainline pumps  as well as installation of 3 (2+1) motor-driven MLPUs. RFQs for materials will be floated within the next two months. Click on Details for key contacts. 
8A JV is planning to setup LNG re-gasification terminal. A capacity of 5 MMTPA capacity (expandable to 10 MMTPA) is planned. Land for the LNG Terminal is within the boundary of a port . Clearances have been given and at present land preparation work is under progress. A tender will be floated for an EPC contractor by May, 2017. Click on Details for more on the project along with key contacts. 
8A company is planning to set up an LNG and LPG Import, loading and Floating Storage Unit of 11 MMTPA and 2 MMTPA capacity in phases. As official said, EIA report has been under progress. RFQs for long lead items will be expected by June, 2017. Environmental Clearance of the expansion project is expected by October, 2017. Click on Details for key contacts and address. Our software provides an exact spatial location of the facility as well, along with accompanying data on the company, facility, unit and project.
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