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Oil equipment and services demand in India: A comprehensive primer
Apr 17: There is huge demand coming up for equipment and services across the entire oil and gas value chain in India.
8A favourable regulatory framework, ageing infrastructure and the decontrolling of product prices are leading to a surge in demand
8Find out more on projected capital goods spending by Indian oil and gas companies.
8Get the details of key equipment manufacturers by segment in India
8There is increasing M&A activity in this segment as well as increasing interest from private equity players. Key deals which happened are highlighted
8A review is carried here of process equipment demand, including projections and key growth drivers, in the Indian oil & gas sector. The key challenges are identified, including high dependence on old process plant equipment
8There is also a full boiler industry review, in terms of  market projections, key players, investments and key players
8A similar analysis is made of the valve market, where oil and accounts for half the market share. Large-size complex choke valves are extensively used in the exploration and production of oil. Hence, domestic manufacturers need to improve their technological capabilities to be able to address demand for complex valves from the oil and gas sector. The industrial valve market in India is differentiated in terms of end-user segmentation and vendor market share
8The pipe industry too is growing rapidly. Key players and growth drivers are highlighted
8Eventually, tax related issues that have been nagging the oil & gas equipment industry are documented
8Finally what needs to be done to bridge the gap between suppliers and end users is debated
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