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New kind of LNG terminals are coming up-I: Cost pegged at Rs 450 crore
Apr 13: A new LNG terminal is coming up in West Bengal
8The terminal will cater to potential demand in the region, coming out of the refineries, petrochemical projects and fertilizer plants.
8Local city gas distribution demand is also expected to grow
8Two existing jetties will be used to berth LNG vessels of 10,000 to 50,000 cbm capacity. Equipments for handling of LNG need to be installed such as marine unloading arms, cryogenic pipelines etc. Modification of the jetties may be required for marine fixtures.
8Additional equipments and safety features will be installed on the jetty for handling LNG based on risk assessment
8Initial plan is to develop storage facilities of ~40,000 cbm at the allotted land.
8Bunkering facilities will also be developed
83 Road Gantry facilities of 8 bays each (total of 24 bays) are planned in phases based on demand. If initial expected demand is low, only 4 bays will be developed  initially and as demand increase more bays will be added to the terminal. For better utilization of terminal and to avoid congestion of truck parking area, it is proposed to have full day operation for the road gantry and required safety guidelines will be followed for night loading operation subject to getting required approvals from concerned authorities.
8Project cost is a mere Rs 450 crore
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