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New kind of LNG terminals are coming up-III: Is LNG bunkering about to take off?
Apr 13: The LNG bunkering market in India as well as in Asia is gearing up for growth in the next two to three years. This is largely due to the implementation of stricter environmental regulations across the globe to improve the emissions performance of shipping companies.
8Although there are several compliant solutions for the industry, such as the use of exhaust gas cleaning systems (also known as scrubbers) and low sulphur marine fuels, LNG provides a more future-fit solution that is able to meet the new regulations because of its better emissions performance.
8Its zero sulphur content and relatively low levels of nitrogen oxides emitted mean that LNG outperforms any other conventional marine fuel on a local emissions basis, allowing the industry to be future-proofed against more demanding environmental regulations.
8The abundance in natural gas supply also makes LNG a more sustainable alternative fuel – according to some estimates, the reserves for natural gas can last much longer than the world’s oil reserves
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