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6 MMSCMD of new gas coming in at Odalarevu in Kakinada
Apr 13: Additional gas availability from ONGC eastern offshore fields are going to be as much as 6 mmscmd and most if its in going to land at the Odalarevu in Kakinada
8GAIL has been identified to lift the additional quantum of gas
For reference purposes, the website carries here the following information
8Additional gas volumes to be available from ONGC's VA, S2Ab and AC fields over the next 10 years
8Injection points for the gas
8The gas volumes will go up further in 2019 when the big production from the KG-DWN-98/2 field kicks in
8Details on the additional gas pipeline network in the vicinity are also carried here
8Demand supply projections along with the length of the tie-in connectivity by GAIL are also documented
Business opportunities are available in the building of this infrastructure
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