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Biggest single tender in Indian E&P industry-I: Find out who are the key contacts
Apr 12: ONGC's combined Sub Sea Production System (SPS) and Sub Sea Umblical Riser and Flow Lines (SURF) Request for Quotation for the $ 5 billion KG-DWN-98/2 project is among the most most complex such tenders in the world.
8There is a good volume of interest among bidders for this job but ONGC itself is grappling with its complexity in this deepwater high pressure high temperature block.
8Non standard Pre Qualification Criteria and Bid Evaluation Criteria are being included, including a different kind of pricing structure and other general conditions of contract.
8Sources said that pre-qualification interactions with potential bidders have come up with a whole set of problems, including the fact that no one company in the world can bid for the combined work on its own strength.
8The idea seems to be to be keep the qualification criteria as open as possible.
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