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Biggest single tender in Indian E&P industry-II: What is the internal price estimate?
Apr 12: High placed ONGC sources told this website that the tender will be the biggest single component of the $ 5 billion contract
8There was an extensive exercise within ONGC through a series of internal exercises and informal RFQs and interactions with its main consultants, including INTECSEA on the value of the contract.
8Two other individual consultants hired special for the block were also consultant
8After an extensive amount of work, ONGC has arrived an internal estimate for the joint SPF and SURF tender.
8Bidders will have to keep the price tag around this internal price in order to qualify. ONGC allows for a certain level of variation above this internal price but it will be better for the consortium bidding for the tender to keep this price tag in its mind while working out the costings.
8Clearly this integrated tender is the largest cost component of the entire project.
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