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Biggest single tender in Indian E&P industry-III: Separate RFQs for some components
Apr 12: Clearly the tender is so complex that no individual contractor can bid for it alone.
8In fact ONGC is actively discouraging an individual foray or joint ventures, instead looking for an MOU-among-consortium partners approach
8That is now taken as given and ONGC has structured the tender in a manner which takes into account this stark fact
8Even among a group of EPC contractors some components of the joint SPF and SURF tender cannot be executed, highly placed sources said.
8Separate RFQs will have to be invited for such components
8ONGC is being helped by INTECSEA and its consultants to design the work into doable elements.
8And the ONGC project team in Kakinada is working very hard indeed to keep the work going
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