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Supply overhang can last longer than projected-II: US gas can sell at $3/mmbtu for next two decades
Apr 11: The problem is that while sellers say a supply crunch is looming. Buyers say suppliers are out of touch with the changing times.
8The basic premise here is that the world has abundant reserves of gas and the supply crunch if at all it comes, cannot last for too long.
8There are many who believe that it is not just Qatar, Iran or Australia, who plans to overcome Qatar as the biggest supplier of LNG, which will bring in larger volumes of supply.
8It could well be the US, and some believe that US gas will sell for $3/mmbtu for the next two decades.
8They claim that at this point in the northeast of US, there is 20bn cubic feet per day of production that is mostly constrained by infrastructure and that is available at the wellhead at $1/m Btu or less.
8This should keep global gas prices down in the foreseeable future if President Trump agrees to free up the infrastructure constraints in the US.
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