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Supply overhang can last longer than projected-IV: Are you prepared?
Apr 11: In the quickly changing world, those in the LNG business must be able to answer these critical questions?
8What unit operating cost, EBITDA and ROI should businesses target in the next 3 to 5 years?
8How are you monitoring marketplace activity, who will be the buyers of the future?
8Are you considering market opportunities beyond your existing portfolio?
8How are you monitoring risk and evaluating new risks?
8Are you conducting scenario planning on a regular basis?
8Can you anticipate policy and regulatory changes and benefit from them?
8Have you defined the capabilities needed to compete?
8Are you agile enough to respond to disruptive forces in the industry and future scaling/growth?
8Are you leveraging organizational platforms and processes to drive efficiencies, and are strong controls in place?
8Do you have the right technology to support your business objectives?
8Do you have the right strategic partners and alliances?
8Do you have the right metrics to incentivise the organization for end-to-end business optimization?
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