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Affluent treatment plants in the E&P industry: Price benchmarks set
Apr 10: ONGC had been trying for the last seven years to award a bunch of  Affluent Treatment Plants in Assam but without success until now.
8The ATPs were conceptualized in 2010 but the NOA was handed over only recently to the winning contractor.
8There are groups of ATPs that ONGC is seeking to build: one relates to the installation of a 3000 M3/day ETP cum Water Injection Plant (WIP) in Geleki and a 1000 M3/day pure ETP at Rudrasagar while the other is for two 300 M3 pre day ETP cum WIP at Borholla and Khoraghat.
8Each of these projects will also involve a 7-year O&M contract
8The first contract was awarded to UEM India but had to be cancelled due to non-performance and the second time around the lowest bid was found to be twice as high as the internal estimate for these plants.
8It is only the third time around, after revision of the internal estimate benchmark by a significant quantum, was ONGC able to zero in on the winning contractor.
8The North East is a difficult place to work in and the cost of the project is higher than if these ETPs were to be built in Gujarat or Rajamundry but nevertheless, the L-1 rate this time around creates a benchmark of sorts to be followed for similar ETPs around the country.
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