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Oil & gas sector professionals: Where to find good jobs and which jobs pay the most
Apr 07: A global survey of 15,000 oil and gas professionals have thrown up some interesting results on what they are looking ahead for in the industry
8There is an increasingly positive attitude towards job growth in the sector on account of the much promised recovery
8Many of the professionals dehired will like to go back to their own companies
8The website also provides here a country-wise break-up of salaries for different categories of oil and gas professionals and the highest earners list throw up some surprises
8Contractor day rates per region under different categories are also highlighted for the first time.
8These rates can serve as benchmarks for companies around the world, as also in India
8The factors that attract employees to companies are highlighted
8Global mobility is important for the oil & gas professional and their issues are documented here
8Similar factors are also highlighted for renewable energy, nuclear, power, petrochemcials and nuclear segments
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