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Breakeven price moves down-III: Domestic gas price goes down, deepwater prices up
Apr 03: The government has announced a domestic natural gas price of $ 2.48/mmbtu while the ceiling price for production from deepwater and HPHT areas have been pegged at $ 5.56/mmbtu for the April-September period.
8The price for September 2016-March, 2017 was $ 2.50/mmbtu and $ 5.30/mmbtu respectively, indicating that LNG prices, on which the deepwater and HPHT tag is benchmarked, are moving up at a higher pace than hub prices.
8There is general expectation that this price level will go up in the future.
8The forecast Henry Hub natural gas spot price is seen rising from an average of $3.03/MMBtu in 2017 to $3.45/MMBtu in 2018.
8NYMEX contract values for May 2017 delivery traded in March suggest that a range of $2.15/MMBtu to $3.82/MMBtu encompasses the market expectation for Henry Hub natural gas prices in May 2017 at the 95% confidence level.
8So expect price to move up going ahead
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