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India must stay focused on Iran: Country to eventually emerge as the largest player in the world
Mar 30: Iran's proven gas reserves stand at 34 trillion cubic meters, making it the largest known source of gas in the world
8The South Pars field is the largest gas field in the world, and makes up 50 percent of Iran’s gas reserves. Shared with Qatar and only separated by a maritime border, the giant field was discovered in 1971 but only commenced production in Iran in 1989, after the war.
8Eventually Iran will have to emerge as the largest player in the global gas and LNG business
8But that will of course depend on whether Iran can do the following three things: set the correct terms in its IPCs to convince international investors of the potential opportunity, conduct internal reforms to better facilitate project approval and delivery, and attract and retain the required knowledge and skill for the sustainable operational development of the industry.
8It remains important for India to stay focused on tapping into the Iranian E&P sector at any cost
8This website foresees a potential business development market in Iran though the country, like Russia, is a difficult one to do business with for indigenous Indian equipment and service companies such as L&T an EIL.
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