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Full LNG data-I: India entirely in Qatar's grip
Mar 29: Global trade in LNG went up by 18 MMT saw a robust 7.5% increase in 2016 after growing at an average annual growth rate of a mere 0.5% over the previous four years.
8Due to the slow ramp-up of several Australian projects, the combined new liquefaction capacity of 36 MT worldwide starting up in the course of the year, only added 18MT of actual new supply in 2016.
8Thanks in part to low spot prices and to a price sensitive LNG demand, Indian imports also jumped (+30%), reaching 19MT and confirming the
 country’s rank of 4th largest LNG buyer worldwide.
8But a spatial distribution LNG flow map shows India's near complete dependence on Qatar for its LNG imports. Qatar is not doubt the world's largest supplier of LNG and its geographical proximity gives makes it a natural monopoly as far as India.
8Nevertheless, the other big importers such as China, Japan and South Korea have a far more diversified portfolio than India.
8Will this dependence on Qatar change in the future?
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