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Full LNG data-V: All the shipping data that you can need
Mar 29: For reference purposes, the website carries here the following LNG shipping related data:
8Carriers scrapped in 2016 (two ships were scrapped)
8LNG carries laid up, idle or otherwise out of service at the end of 2016
831 ships were delivered in 2016, including one FSRU and 2 ships of less than 50,000 cubic meters
The data of the newly delivered shops are given in the following format
8Build date
8Vessel Name
8IMO number
8Name of the manager
8Similar data is also carried for the entire LNG fleet existing as at the end of 2016.
8The total FSRU fleet consisted of 24 units at the end of 2016. Total FSRU cargo capacity at the end of 2016 stood at 3.6 million cubic meters. The orderbook comprised of 9 FSRUs. 6 of these vessels were scheduled for 2017 delivery. The FRSU order book at the end of 2016 is also documented in a detailed format
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