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GAIL's pipeline blast: The gas major says it has spruced up its act
Mar 28: The GAIL pipeline blast the killed 22 people in their sleep has forced the gas major to spruce up its poor safety report.
8It is this fear of such accidents that has has encouraged farmers in Tamil Nadu and Kerala to oppose the laying of gas pipelines out of the Kochi LNG terminal.
8After several years of coaxing, construction has restarted in Kerala on the of Kochi-Koottanad-Mangalore-Bangalore pipeline
8But a boorish stand by GAIL on ROW negotiations with stakeholders in Tamil Nadu has resulted in a gridlock. No work is taking place in the state
8Nevertheless, GAIL has taken a series of steps, including third party audits and deployment of UAVs, to avoid such accidents in the future
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