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Lessons from Pakistan-I: Excelerate Energy says it is one of the world's
Mar 28: Excelerate Energy has worked out a deal to supply a a floating LNG terminal, which will be second FSRU, to the Pakistan market. The FRSU is expected to arrive in May, 2017
8Pakistan is now being dubbed as "one of the largest markets for LNG in the world".
8The company has also agreed to charter a 138,000m3 FSRU to import up to 3.5 million tonnes a year (mta) through Moheshkhali in Bangladesh.
8The company seems to have all kinds of solutions for a country's LNG needs.
8“If the customer has three years before they need to have an FSRU in service, they may go for a newbuild. If they need it in 18 months, a conversion is the solution. Or we can offer an existing vessel as a bridge. With Petrobras in Brazil, we offered a bridging vessel, then delivered a purpose-built vessel in 2014.” claims its chief executive Rob Bryngelson Click for more details.


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